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Online Education Center

GetFlashThe DSB Online Education Center contains helpful and informative tutorials
on a variety of topics, such as protecting yourself from ID Theft to the basics
of money management. Always make sure you are running the newest version
of Adobe Flash Player to get the best experience out of our videos and videos
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Click below to see the newest addition to our Education Center - MoneyIQ

  • EMV Chip Debit Cards | View
    A smarter, more secure Debit Card that contains a computer chip to protect against fraud when used in chip-enabled card readers.
  • Online Banking Personal | View
    Anywhere you have access to the internet, you can manage your accounts. This educational video guides you through our Personal Online Banking.
  • Mobile Banking Personal | View
    Mobile Banking is a fast and secure way to manage your accounts anywhere you are. Find out just how easy it is.
  • ID Theft Business | View
    ID Theft creates many issues for businesses. Fraud, loss of customer trust, and more. Learn how to protect yourself now and if the issue should arise at your business.
  • ID Theft Personal | View
    Personal ID Theft is part of a $15 billion underground industry, this video talks about some of the techniques that are used to trick people into compromising themselves. With this simple video, learn to protect yourself from the more common attacks.

  • FDIC | View
    Learn how the FDIC protects your assets with different types of accounts.

  • CDARS | View
    Learn how the CDARS program can protect your large investments.

  • Money Basics | View
    Learn how to setup smart financial goals, budget, save, manage your credit, and more with this slideshow.

  • Credit Scores | View
    Throughout your life, it's important to maintain good credit. Understanding what credit scores are is a good place to start.

  • Bill Pay | View
    Enjoy the convenience of paying bills online. This tutorial will take you through the easy steps you need to schedule and pay your bills.

  • eStatements | View
    View your bank statements and notices through your online banking account.  Find information in this tutorial about receiving your statements fast and secure.

  • Health Savings Accounts | View
    If you have a high deductible health plan, this tutorial will help you understand how Health Savings Accounts or HSA’s work. It will explain topics such as tax advantages, qualified medical expenses and has a great section with frequently asked questions.