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Low Mortgage Rates
Home loan rates continue to stay low, but no one knows for how long. Take advantage of these low rates now to purchase the home of your dreams or refinance your existing home. Our Mortgage Center allows you to check the most current rates and has answers to common home loan questions. We offer pre-approvals so you can shop knowing what you can afford. Once your loan is closed, our excellent service does't stop, we retain the servicing of your loan and will continue to help you with questions and payment processing until the end of your loan. Apply online today!
New! American Express Credit Cards
We are pleased to announce two exciting new additions to our extensive line of credit cards - the American Express Cash Rewards and Travel Rewards cards. The Cash Rewards card allows you to earn cash back on purchases and with the Travel Rewards card you earn points towards travel rewards. Compare cards to see which is best for you.
10-YR Mortgage
Thinking about refinancing or purchasing a home, but don't like the thought of a 30-year loan? DSB offers a 10-year mortgage loan as an option to traditional long-term loans. Today's low rate environment makes 10-year loans a great deal. Our fixed-rate 10-year loan is designed with a simple and low cost closing process. Get started online today and see if a 10-year loan is right for you.